Barnet Health Champions: Meet Gail

14th November 2022

Gail is a Barnet Health Champion who has been a Health Champion for over 2 years, living in a leafy spot near Chipping Barnet with a duck pond outside her window Gail is a Vice Chair on the Chipping Barnet Town Team. Having been hugely involved in the community having chaired several community groups Gail also runs the Love Barnet social media.

As a family person Gail at the start of the pandemic Gail was concerned for her family’s health as well as that of the public and wanted to help as best she could. ‘COVID was a scary phenomenon and I felt by linking with others and making connections that some of the fear would go away’.

Gail was able to link with other members of her community through the Health Champions which she found out about through an email with the council. Gail is able to share information that she gains from information sessions and the ‘Friday Facts’ newsletter on her Facebook page that is then seen by others. As the local Next Door app lead Gail is also able to post there to share the information to a wide reach of people.

When asked what the best thing about being a Health Champion according to Gail is that:

‘throughout the worst time, the Zooms were so supportive’.

She enjoys making new connections and being able to reach so many members of the community with up-to-date information.

If you would like to volunteer as a Barnet Health Champion, email us on or you can search our database here to find other Barnet volunteering roles!

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