Volunteer Vaccine Programme

A Guide to Volunteering

The Covid-19 vaccination programme is underway and as part of the Boroughs response to Covid-19, Volunteering Barnet is supporting local GP surgeries and pharmacies across Barnet to recruit and deploy much needed volunteers to support the roll out of the Covid-19 vaccine to members of the public.

This is a non-clinical role, and your support will mean that the vaccines sites across the borough run smoothly and safely in line with social distancing guidelines. Giving your time and helping protect your community from Covid-19 will be something that you remember for the rest of your life. You will be part of a team of volunteers who will be making a huge difference with every hour they give.

Your safety is our priority

PPE will be provided for volunteers to use throughout their shift. All volunteering roles will be covered by insurance and a full risk assessment will have been carried out to ensure volunteers and members of the public are kept safe. If you have any concerns about your own health or safety, you have the right to stand down at any time from your volunteer role.

Main tasks may include:
  • Directing members of the public in and out of the vaccination centres
  • Supporting individuals with mobility issues to access the site/service
  • Sanitizing surfaces where required
  • Advice and encourage sanitizing hands
  • Data entry on Pinnacle
  • Managing waiting areas
  • Ensuring social distancing

Find out more about the role here.

We are getting an increasing number of requests from vaccine hubs across the Borough and we expect more to come through in the coming weeks.

When/where will the role take place?

Vaccine hubs are open every day of the week between 8 am – 8 pm. Shifts will be broken into 6-hour morning or afternoon shifts with comfort breaks included within that time.

There are a number of sites based across the borough and we recommend volunteering at the site closest to you. You can volunteer for more than one site, for as many shifts as you want.

As an increasing number of requests come from vaccine hubs across the borough and we expect more to come through in the coming weeks, your support is really appreciated during these challenging times.

What to expect

We are currently asking volunteers to register an interest and to be added to a list of available “on-call” volunteers. Once we have received your application you will be contacted within a few days to confirm your availability. You will then receive an email or text asking if you are available to volunteer. We will try and give as much notice as possible, but this may sometimes be less than 24-hour hours before the shift. You will then either confirm or ignore the request. If your availability changes or you feel the role is not right for you, you can withdraw yourself from the list at any time.

All the information will be sent to you the day before your shift, including exact timings, contact details for the site and any other information you may need.

How can I get involved?

Sign up now to join our pool of volunteers. You will need to register first which should take no more than five minutes. Then simply wait to be contacted about your first shift. The below role is flexible, and you are able to volunteer as many or as few times as you like.

Covid-19 Vaccination On-call Volunteer

Who can volunteer?

Anyone who is over 16, fit and healthy and not clinically extremely vulnerable.