Lucasz’ Inspiring Volunteering Experience

3rd June 2022

Back in 2021, Volunteering Barnet worked with 40 organisations across Barnet to support their communities during the pandemic and national lockdowns. Lucasz was one of the volunteers who supported the vaccine programme at the StoneX stadium.

A little about me

I live in Barnet, North West London and I currently work as an operations assistant at a large UK based fashion brand. I enjoy an active lifestyle including going to the gym and running during the weekends. 

Why did I decide to volunteer?

I was inspired to volunteer after attending one of the NHS Vaccination Centres at the StoneX Stadium, to have my first Covid 19 jab. From start to finish the whole process ran so smoothly and this wouldn’t have happened without the wonderful NHS staff and volunteers working there. 

I decided that I would also like to be a part of this and give something back to my local community, to help the healthcare staff with vaccinating Londoners. 

it would be a great way to meet some exciting new people and boost my mental wellbeing especially after coming out of lockdown. 

My volunteering experience

My role as a Vaccine Marshal involved helping with patient flow management across the site, ensuring speed and safety whilst addressing any security issues or concerns to management. 

I would also signpost to relevant community-based services where appropriate. I also ensured that citizens respected social distancing guidelines and wore masks. 

On some occasions I would also be on hand to answer any questions about the vaccination process, or if people seemed to be slightly worried about getting the vaccine itself I would try to calm their nerves by reassuring them that they are in safe hands with one of the many NHS nurses and staff onsite.

My key moments as a volunteer

I really enjoyed the whole experience and the fact that it made me feel like I have found a sense of purpose and my heart is happy. Also, to see other people happy and thankful motivates me!

It provided me with a whole new perspective on life and a bright positive outlook especially in these difficult and challenging times we now find ourselves in. 

I would recommend volunteering to everyone. It gives great satisfaction and a sense of being part of a wonderful community of people who passionately donate their spare time to help others and the greater good.

Why Volunteering Barnet?

I found out about the volunteering role through the Volunteering Barnet website. I have registered and created a profile with them during the summer time where I had a bit more time on my hands and wanted to do something positive with it. 

They have various community projects which you could get yourself involved in including positions at various NHS Vaccination Centre around London.

Can I sum up my experience in three words?

Rewarding, inspiring and worthwhile.

If you would like to find a new volunteering experience, or would like to see how volunteering can work for you, email us on or you can search our database here to find your perfect role!

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