Liliane’s Experience as an Admin Support Volunteer

26th September 2022

Image of Liliane

Liliane volunteered as an Admin Support Volunteer with Citizens Advice Barnet for over a year, helping local residents with accessing free advice on a range of problems, such as work, debt, benefits, immigration, housing and more.

Find out about Liliane’s volunteering experience below…

A little about Liliane

Having moved to Colindale, Liliane was keen to connect with her local community. With a background in HR, she has always enjoyed helping and supporting people. After receiving a Volunteering Barnet email about the Admin Support Volunteer opportunity, Liliane decided to channel her existing interpersonal skills into this volunteering role.

Image of Liliane

What inspired Liliane to volunteer?

Liliane looked to volunteering as a way to support the BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) community and other vulnerable residents in Barnet- something she is very passionate about. Motivated to help others in her community, volunteering with Citizens Advice Barnet offered Liliane a chance to support disadvantaged individuals from a range of backgrounds and to make a difference in the borough.

Liliane’s volunteering experience

When speaking with Liliane it is clear that she had a very positive and rewarding volunteer experience. Her role helped signpost residents to suitable advice, which in turn gave them confidence and control over their own lives.

“Seeing people changing is rewarding, moving from 1 to the next level, 2,3,4…”

Having no previous experience within the charity sector, Liliane was unsure whether her application to volunteer would be successful. But, one of the great things about volunteering is the ability to try an opportunity with little to no experience and to develop the relevant skills whilst in the role.

Liliane was well supported by Citizens Advice Barnet, from start to finish, and was offered a variety of training opportunities whilst in her volunteering role.

Volunteering provided both meaningful interactions with residents and a stepping stone into employment for Liliane. Her experience as a volunteer has also ignited a desire to work within the charity sector in the future.

“A very, very good experience!”

What would Liliane say to those thinking of volunteering?

“There are lots of benefits to volunteering!  It is an excellent way to up-skill and can be very valuable both personally and professionally.”

Liliane’s volunteer experience in 3 words

Rewarding, Motivating, Positive

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