Nancy’s Experience as a School Maths and Reading Volunteer

27th February 2023

Nancy Pereira has a wealth of experience in Barnet and the Middle East, plus a genuine devotion to supporting children in the community. She volunteers for a number of roles in local schools: Number Champion Maths support Teacher at Our Lady Of Lourdes School and Coram Beanstalk Reading Volunteer at Edgeware Primary School. Meet Nancy!

1. Tell us a little about yourself.

Currently living in Barnet with my family. Prior to this, I have lived in the Middle East for most of my life. Mostly worked as an Administrator in various departments, managed my own clothing store and worked as a teacher.

2. What inspired you to volunteer?

I wanted to do something meaningful and fill up my spare time. I also wanted to contribute to the community with whatever skills and knowledge I possessed.

As I like being around children, I thought the best would be to take up teaching jobs. I feel very happy and useful when I can enrich kids to get better.

3. How did you find out about the volunteering role?

I was browsing on the Internet searching for volunteering jobs when I stumbled upon the website, which helped me get flexible jobs of my preference. I would like to thank the staff for being so helpful.

4. Tell us about your volunteering role.

At present, I am teaching Maths for Year 2 once a week. We don’t have training as such but we receive a lot of insight through zoom sessions and the learning resources that are posted on the website. I am happy that I am able to support children and get them to a better level.

5. What has been the best thing about your volunteering experience?

I feel very elevated and optimistic when I see the children’s positive attitude towards me. They are eager to have sessions with me and that motivates me to contribute better and support them.
I feel very rewarded.

If you would like to find a new volunteering experience or would like to see how volunteering can work for you, email us on or you can search our database here to find your perfect role!

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