Alison Nagli’s Experience as Hub Leader at Sebby’s Corner

7th June 2024

I am a 66 year old, married, Mum of 3 adult children and grandmother to 1 grandson aged 7.

I’ve lived in Stanmore, Middlesex for the last 38 years but grew up in Woodside Park N12. I retired from teaching 7 years ago having taught Early Years and both Key Stages 1 and 2 for 40 years both in private and state schools. I enjoy travelling with my husband, all over the world, with Australia next on the list!

My interests include swimming, walking our 6 year old Cavapoo, cooking, reading, jigsaws, theatre and socialising with friends and family. I am an active member of Belmont synagogue.

In my spare time, I care for my 94 year old mum, look after my grandson after school and volunteer at Sebby’s Hub once a week. I also volunteer on a committee that decides on financial bursaries for a youth movement.

What inspired you to volunteer?

I’ve always been involved in volunteering with community organisations through my teen and adult years: guiding, Parent Teacher Associations, Youth Movements, the Education committee at the local synagogue; having had volunteering instilled in me from an early age with my parents as role models. When I retired, I knew I wanted to find an opportunity to volunteer with a local charity. I knew I had transferrable skills that could be of use to an organisation and preferred one that had links to children and families. I knew Sebby’s was looking for volunteers as they were just getting off the ground and expanding rapidly as the need for their services was so great.

How did you find out about the volunteer role?

I saw a social media post from Sebby’s CEO, Bianca Sakol, asking for suitcases/bags for Afghan refugees living in hotels in Herts, who had arrived in the UK with nothing. I had several to donate and I asked if Sebby’s needed volunteers… 3 years on and the rest is history!

Tell us about your volunteering role. What are you enjoying most?

Volunteering with Sebby’s has given me a chance to make a difference to the lives of vulnerable children and families, build relationships with a wide range of people and have an impact on society.

My time and skills have allowed me to make a positive contribution to the individuals and communities supported by Sebby’s, offering a lifeline to those facing challenges such as poverty, domestic abuse and displacement.

My role is varied, depending on the jobs that need completing and can involve any of the following: taking stock inventories, supporting and directing other volunteers, packing, referrals, assisting clients and unpacking and sorting donations, etc.

I enjoy my volunteering as it gives me an opportunity to use my administrative and organisational skills and my ability to interact with others on many levels. 

I have a knowledge of social issues, gained through teaching: which has enabled me to have Sebby’s support. I also enjoy communicating with other volunteers and staff.

What has been the best thing about your volunteering experience?

Knowing I am making a difference to other’s lives in a small way and contributing to the local community.

Can you sum up your experience in three words?

Commitment, Empathy, Valued

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